Installation of programs and updates

Did you know that if you fail to install programs you could interfere with the execution of some tasks within your computer?

At AsusPlace we have the Asus technical service in Madrid that you are looking for

We know that many users install and update the programs they need on their computers and laptops themselves, but not all of them manage to do it properly.

This means that at any time they may present a minor or major problem that prevents them from continuing to use these tools normally, some of them as part of their work or for entertainment.

Even with programs and updates installed by a technician, it is possible to see problems. Why not avoid them by having the support of specialized technicians who do this work for you? 

Why do Windows installation fail?

If you’re trying to install Windows on your PC, chances are you’ll end up not doing it properly. The reasons can be several. What are the most common? Here we will tell you:

  • You have installed the wrong file extension. Don’t worry, it’s a common mistake not to verify that the extension (.exe) is being installed properly. This element is essential for a correct installation of Windows. If it is not the one you have placed in your team, you will start to notice unexpected errors.
  • You have a program running. You may not have realized it, but it is possible that, in the middle of the installation, you have left a program open, which is why a conflict is generated when carrying out the procedure. You can even see how this process progresses, but it does not finish executing and it is for this reason.
  • There is a corruption of the boot manager: This is a key element for the execution to be carried out correctly. Any small error that is found at this stage of the process is causing the installation of programs and updates not to be carried out efficiently.
  • There is a duplicate copy of the files on your system. Within the element called Windows Media Creator, essential in this process.

It doesn’t matter what the source of the problem is with this process. At AsusPlace we will solve it quickly.

Adobe programs do not run properly on the PC

Our Asus programs and updates installation service in Madrid also includes a review of the most used elements in users’ computers. Most of the most used programs are those of the Adobe suite and they do not always run correctly, which is a problem for customers who need to use these applications.

As in other cases, this assumes the possibility that one error is occurring among the many that can cause a conflictive situation like this.

  • It may be that the computer is not fully compatible with the suite you are trying to install. It happens, many times, when you try to run programs, such as Photoshop, in a not very recent version, on a new or year-old laptop.
  • Similar to the above, it is that the computer has a very high resolution with respect to what an Adobe program can support as a maximum range.
  • Or it is simply possible that, despite the fact that you think you have installed or updated the program correctly, it is not completely correct and, therefore, it does not finish running on your PC.

The causes of problems like these can be many, which is why we recommend that you go to a local computer repair service to solve the error as soon as possible.

At AsusPlace we can perform PC or laptop software installations, as well as PC upgrades, in no time

In addition, we know how to work with these elements in Asus brand equipment, thus offering you specialized computer support that will give you an unparalleled guarantee of good use over time.

Saving time, effort and money is possible thanks to the computer installation and update service that we offer you at our premises

“I can install the programs I need myself”, “how difficult can it be?” It is true, technology is practically a new value that is immersed in today’s society. Carrying out this type of computer work does not imply extensive knowledge for some. But, as we have said, many others do not know how to carry it out, and even those who do, are exposed to not performing the installation correctly. What do they get? The opposite of optimizing resources.

Time, effort and money are worth gold, today more than ever. Therefore, knowing how to make the most of them is the invitation we make to you. You don’t have to waste hours of work doing these processes when we can do it for you.

We carry out any type of installation of programs and updates for Asus computers and laptops 

Windows Update

Do not be left behind with the security of your team. Updating your Windows on a regular basis will help minimize these problems. Don’t leave it for later.

Installation of programs

There are programs that are not as easy to install as others, even more so when they require licenses and you don’t know how to use them. Leave this process in our hands. You will appreciate it!

Installing Microsoft Office

We provide a license exclusively for you. You can choose from different Microsoft Office installation options, but we will always make the best recommendation for your Asus device.

It is one of the cheapest computer repair services

Fortunately, having these program installation and update services on Asus computers does not imply high costs. Why not take advantage of them?

takes very little time

We work continuously, quickly and effectively so that you have the equipment in your hands sooner than you think.

If you prefer, we can look for the equipment for you with our collection service

In case the errands do not allow you to go to our location, we can pick up your equipment at your home and return it when it is ready to be used again.

Optimize and extend the life of your Asus computer or laptop

  • We care about delivering your equipment, with the updates and installation of required programs, in a very short time. Thus reducing any possible error, something that could happen if you yourself are in charge of doing the respective updates and installations.
  • + time to do your work. Save time for other important activities, especially when you are not an expert in updating and installing programs on PCs and laptops.

We install and update programs in Carabanchel, Latina, Aravaca, Fuencarral, Tetuán, Salamanca, Retiro, Centro, Arganzuela, Salamanca, Chamartín, Chamberí, Usera, Puente de Vallecas, Moratalaz, Ciudad Lineal, Hortaleza, Villaverde, Villa de Vallecas, Vivalcaro, Canillejas and Barajas.